A Huge Congratulations to an ex Student, Aston Purnell! Who has received an offer to study at the English National Ballet School in September 2020.  Aston also Studied at the Capital School of Dance and was a member of Duchy Ballet Company in Cornwall before he left to pursue his dreams!

We are all so proud of you Aston!!!

​Congratulations to Miss Katie, on achieving her DDE ( Diploma in Dance Education) in Cecchetti Ballet during 2020.

Here are some of our recent successes...

School of Dance

Indian Queens Festival Results 2019.

Ballet Solo 7 Years - Elouisa Hill 3rd Place

Ballet Solo 11 Years - Pippa Richards 1st Place

                                - Drew Littlejohns 3rd Place

Ballet Solo 12 Years - Zoe Bodfish 2nd Place

Ballet Trio Under 13 Years - Pippa Richards, Drew                                                    Littlejohns & Zoe Bodfish

                                         1st Place.

Amazing Results Well Done to All!!!

Amazing Results of the Grade 1 Modern Theatre Dance Exams taken in 2019!

Eleanor Allen - Distinction

Amelia Banks - Distinction

Leonie Burton - Distinction

Ellie Clarricoats - Distinction

Chole Colvin - Distinction

Adriana Curtis - Merit

Izabelle Davy - Distinction

Olivia Smith - Distinction

Lacey Stevens - Merit

Victoria Szumlanska - Distinction

Congratulations to all of you!!!

Cecchetti Ballet Examination Results June 2019!


Kedia Cleverley - Distinction

Martha Watkins - Merit

Scarlett Male - Distinction

Elowen Flack - Merit

Lorelei McIntosh - Distinction

Ellie Smith - Distinction

Isla Moore - Distinction

Elouisa Hill - Distinction

Ella Parry - Distinction

Alexis Evans - Merit

Freya Jeffs - Merit

Rebecca Albon - Distinction

Eleanor Sanders - Merit

Amber Lynch - Merit

Layla Turner - Distinction

Scarlett Hamilton-Ellery - Merit

Abbigail Hudson - Distinction


Amelia Banks - Distinction

Connor Emmett - Merit

Olivia Smith - Merit

Eleanor Allen - Distinction

Evie Prout - Merit

Lacey Stevens - Merit

Leonie Burton - Merit

Ellie Clarricoats - Pass

Harmony Heasman - Distinction

Tiana Baxter - Merit


Philippa Richards - Merit

Drew Littlejohns - Merit

Zoe Bodfish - Merit

Rose Kendle - Merit

Willow Richards - Pass

Adriana Curtis - Pass

Erin Gilmour - Merit


Emily Constance - Merit

Lucy Cooke-Davies - Pass

Maggie Kent - Merit

Lois Moore - Merit

Beth Clarke - Pass

Jasmine May - Pass


Jodie Dow - Distinction


Amy Robinson - Distinction

Grace Hazeldine - Distinction

Fabulous Results!! Congratulations Everyone!!!