Cecchetti Ballet Exam Results are in!

June 2023

A huge congratulations to all the students who took and passed their exams!

Primary Ballet:-

Tallulah Colvin

Aurora Heasman

Elise Bruce

Riley Lynch

Marnie Finnemore

Kitty Higgins

Luna Maguire

Beatrix Wilder

Aubree Hume-Gurney

Orla New

Jessica Ferguson

Ruby Hastings

Ophelia Willcocks

Grade 1 Ballet:-

Tammy Colvin

Jessica Selby

Tegan Bruce

Annie Peat

Orla Dingle

Carensa Heasman

Millie Thomas

Caitlyn Smith

Imogen Hocking

Grade 5 Ballet:-

Nacey Clemo

Tilly Coplin-Rhodes

Chole Colvin

Intermediate Ballet :-

Zoe Gaudiano

We are so proud of you all and the hard work you put in to getting your amazing results!

Here are some of our recent successes...

Cecchetti Ballet exams May 2022.

Congratulations on all for passing your long awaited exams!


Tegen Bruce

Orla Dingle

Carensa Heasman

Imogen Hocking

Annie Peat

Caitlyn Smith

Millie Thomas

Grade One.

Isabelle Abbitt

Keida Cleverley

Emily Cornelius

Freya Jeffs

Opal Lakeman

Chole Mackrory

Isabella May

Scarlett Male

Ellie Smith

Jasmine Smith

Amelia Sanders

Elouisa Hill

Ella Perry

Grade Six.

Elizabeth Allen

Maddie Harvey

Advanced One.

Jodie Dow

A Huge Congratulations to two students.  Jasmine Allen who has now gone on to further her dance education by doing a degree in dance at the University of Gloucester. Also Jodie Dow who is also furthering her dance education at London Studio Centre. We are very proud of you both.

​Congratulations to Miss Katie, who has just graduated for her Diploma in Dance Education for Cecchetti Ballet, during October Half Term 2022.

School of Dance