Examinations & Uniforms...

Examinations -

Children are entered for examinations in Cecchetti Ballet and ISTD Modern and Tap at the teacher's discretion and are not compulsory.

School of Dance

Uniform -

The school prides itself on the level of appearance in class, and would ask parents to ensure that pupils have the correct uniform, with hair neatly in a bun for all classes.  Our uniform suppliers are Blue Dancerwear, who visit our two centres at least twice a term.

Uniform for Beginners, Primary and Standard One Ballet - Regulation Raspberry Pink Leotard, Pink and White Voile Skirt, Ballet tights or socks and Pink Leather Ballet shoes.

Grades 1 & 2 - As Above but no skirt.

Grades 3, 4 & 5 - Regulation Burgundy Leotard and Ballet tights.

Senior - Leotard of own choice and Ballet tights.

Boys Ballet - White Tee-Shirt, Black Lycra shorts, White socks and Black Leather Ballet shoes.

Uniform for Junior Modern & Tap - Red high neck leotard, Black Belt, Black Stirrup Tights.

Senior Modern & Tap - Red high neck leotard, Black Belt , Black Stirrup Tights.

Boys Modern & Tap - White Tee-Shirt, Black Lycra Shorts and White socks.

You can contact Blue Dancerwear at bluedancewear.com or 07737717728.